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Kitchen Glass Splashbacks


All splashbacks are an ideal material to have in a kitchen as they are manufactured out of 6mm toughened glass that is heat resistant up to 500 degrees. The formation process makes the glass splashback very durable and almost maintenance free therefore, very long lasting and accommodating to the environment of the kitchen. Glass splashbacks are extremely easy to clean, using a glass cleaner with lint free cloth will remove any marks creating a hygienic surface for the kitchen.

Having a glass splashback will create a continuous finish whereas, a traditional tiled wall has grout lines that often get effected by substances used in the kitchen. The glass is available in any colour, here are just some of the colours to choose from:


Black Brown
Brilliant Blue
Chocolate Brown
Claret Violet
Dusty Grey
Grass Green
Heather Violet
Moss Green
Oyster White
Papyrus White
Pastel Blue
Pastel Green
Pearl Ruby Red
Pure Black
Pure White
Signal Yellow
Traffic Orange
Traffic Red