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Glass Splashbacks Compared to Other Materials

Glass Splashbacks Compared to Other Materials

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When it comes to kitchen redesigning and refurbishment, one of the most popular trends growing nowadays is glass splashbacks. Offering plenty of benefits over other types of worktops, glass splashbacks provide something unique for every kitchen. Are you planning on renovating your kitchen using Glass Splashbacks, but do not know if it is a good option? If so, then here is a comparison below of glass splashbacks with other materials.

Glass Splashbacks Compared to Tiles

When compared to tiles, splashbacks look much better in terms of overall appearance, design, and style. With hundreds of different colors available along with an unlimited range of glass effects, you can easily find something immediately striking and eye-catching for your kitchen. Typically, glass splashbacks have the ability of putting the whole room together and grabbing the attention of your guests. Since splashbacks do not use joins, seems or grout, they are also less prone to bacterial growth.

Glass Splashbacks Compared to Quartz

Although quartz is available in a range of colors and styles, the only problem is that they are usually “darker” toned colors. Quartz material has the capability of absorbing light, which makes worktops seem smaller, and the whole kitchen seem darker. Splashbacks can also be wiped extremely quickly and easily. All you have to do is use a cloth and wipe off the surface to remove any stains. Glass splashbacks also reflect light and absorb very little. This helps brightening and lightening your kitchen, increasing sense of space, lightness, and openness.

Glass Splashbacks Compared to Granite

Although granite is a natural porous material, which is also beautiful – It tends to inevitably incorporate fissures and cracks. This proves space for bacteria to breed, so keeping things hygienic and clean in the kitchen can be tough. Glass splashbacks prove to be much better, as they visually provide no space for mould or bacteria to hide.

As you can see, glass splashbacks offer a number of advantages as compared to tiles, quartz, and granite. So, do not hesitate on using them for your kitchen renovation project.

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